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Dear readers...

I am regretfully saying this, but RENDY'S BLOGS has moved and it's evolved to a new form:

Due to the fact that I don't write as often as I could, I would like to start anew. Though I won't delete this blog whatsoever, because I know that this blog would bring memories to me. All those writings in the past since my first High School days...

Thank you for reading this blog! I appreciated it.

- Rendy

Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Midnight Sunshine (Lyrics and Translation)

Hello! For today, I want to present the lyrics and the translation of Eyeshield 21's insert song, Midnight Sunshine.

As you know, Midnight Sunshine is an insert song of Eyeshield 21 sang by Oujo White Knights characters's seiyuus, including Seijuro Shin, Haruto Sakuraba, and others. Here's the romaji lyric for the song:

gin iro no tsubasa PEGASASU wa
mune no oku sotto me o samasu
hateshinai yume no chiheisen
funitachi tooku mitsumeteru

shizuka naru jounetsu wa shizumanai taiyou

eikou o ima tsukamitoru kaze ni nare
himeta omoi daite hashire
tsumikasaneta keiken no tashikasade
motto tsuyoku motto hayaku tobe

FIIRUDO ni egaku IMEEJI wa
shinayaka ni soshite azayaka ni
afuredasu toushi nigirishime
shiroi yoru kakeru shiro no kishi

kokou naru PURAIDO wa yami wo saku taiyou

eikou wa ima sakihokoru hane ni nare
mune no kawaki mitasu yume o
donna toki mo reisei ni minuku me de
motto takaku motto tooku tobe

eikou o ima tsukamitoru kaze ni nare
himeta omoi daite hashire
kitae ageta keiken o shinjiteru
motto tsuyoku motto hayaku tobe


For the translation, I have my own way. Since there's not yet a translation lyric for this song, I decided to do it by extracting the kanji lyrics and put it to Google Translator, and change the translated words accordingly to make it good. I'm not alone; One of my friends from Japan helped me on this translation, and at the first time I showed him the lyrics (I convinced him that mine isn't 100% correct), he said it's a perfect translation. I only did one mistake on one line, and he corrected it. Regardless, here's the translation!

The Silver-winged Pegasus gently wakes me in my heart
The endless horizon of dreams, staring at the distance
It's the quiet passion of the midnight sun

Now grab the victory and be like the wind
Run by embracing those hidden feelings
I believe the experience that built my inner strength
So fly higher, faster, and stronger!

An image that drawn on the field
Is so delicate and bright
So many overflowing grasps we fight
It's the white knight gallop in the white night

The bright pride splits the darkness from the sun

Now here comes the glorious flowers in full bloom
It's a dream to satisfy the thirst of the heart
A calm spot in the eye is now found at all times
So fly higher, and fly much farther!

Now grab the victory and be like the wind
Run by embracing those hidden feelings
I believe the experience that built my inner strength
So fly higher, faster, and stronger!
Since it's still V1, there might be some mistakes. Maybe someone (fan) from Eyeshield 21 fandom who know Japanese better than I can correct it and the V2 will be commence.

Well. nothing much to say, it's time for the goodbye!


Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Eight days later, the answers are finally found

Eight days later, the man with an orange headband and brown hair comes back to update this blog. He said he wants to tell you some things happened for a week, from the last blog post to now.

FIRST - ANTM 16 is coming, and it is days before it starts.
We know that ANTM now reached its sixteenth cycle, and along the way, they have so many models, though, few of them are actually working, and very few of them are successful. The recent winner, Ann Ward, took "Awkwardly Beauty" definition to its climax, resulting on the seismic reaction, which made her the winner of ANTM C15, beating Chelsey Hersley, who ended up being the runner up. She also redefines a new shouting: If you shouted "OUENDAAAN!!!" but you can't see the cheer squad around you, and you want to put a cheer squad to your high fashion haute couture filled-with-supermodels otaku self, then you'll have to shout "OH-ANN-WAAARD!!!"

The result? Sadly, it's not the usual "Ouen! Dai Sei Kou!" (Cheer! Big Success!) that you get, but the opposite, although she's not a fail winner like ANTM has had. This brings up a new topic which is:

SECOND - Fall Winter Fashion Week 2011/2012.
Truthfully speaking, from the bottom of my heart, seeing this RTVG thread is like a sporting event where I'm the cheer squad for one person, the one whose former title was "Most successful NTM contestant" (And I know what's on your mind...) got stolen, as in dethroned, by this girl, who, you know what I'm thinking about.

Ann Ward, sadly, only booked Alex London at NYFW, while AusNTM winner Amanda Ware has freaking six shows booked at NYFW, which means I'm suspicious about how could an NTM winner can book more than five shows the first time she won? One of the possible choices would be a GameShark fitted on Ware's modeling ability. I mean, come on, how could Ann can't book more shows than her while she's signed on IMG while Ware's Elite? Probably, Drag Racing effect (another possible answer), where IMG is a heavy, high-powered car, while Elite is a small yet agile car designed to kill the drag race with its subtle performance.

Another possible answer is definitely cleaning AusNTM name in the eyes of fashion medias and fashion otakus, especially after the C6's finale blunder y'all know. This is maybe one of the things that an AusNTM girl must do to show that AusNTM isn't just an NTM shows with thousands of so zetta controversies. Probably, AusNTM is currently powered by Phoenix Wright, so everytime the show will be sued for another live finale blunder, he can shout "OBJECTION!!!"

Alice Burdeu - she's back, but not the comeback we expect... I mean, look at the shows she walked for at the NYFW (see the previous link). She could book better shows, and probably if not London, she'll work in Milan or Paris. Still, when regulars like Suvi K(oponen) (she's not from an NTM show, but comes from a Finnish modeling show which its translated name is "Model School", though she really has a success of a supermodel), Vanessa H (God, please, Fashion TV, interview her at backstage, for the sake of my squee-ing fashion fangirl self!!!), Patricia, Ksenia, and some other NTM girls, including Jane (she's from ANTM C15, same cycle as Ann, but also signed to IMG and walked as many shows as CheatCodemanda Ware has thanks to her EFFORT!!! SPIRIT TO THE MAX!!!), the "Waiting for Challengers" countdown screen we usually seen on arcade machines is still visible to Cecile S, Polina Sova, and Julia O.

THIRD - Current cravings for today: Gilmore Girls, Privileged, and Parenthood.
Hunting TV Series DVDs are very very fun, especially since I can't catch my favorite TV series on primetime hours due to parents love watching, well, you know what I'm talking about since I'm pertaining the local ones, as in TV series in my country, which I'm not keen of. At a price of (in Indonesian Rupiahs) 6000 (US$0.67c) one disc, I can fully enjoy those.

One problem though is the subtitles suck hard. Very horrible, mediocre, and hideous. Those words are very perfectly fit for Indonesian subtitles for my bought DVDs, because those subs are... like the transcripts translated by Google Translator instead of a real translating person. Thus, I'm comfortable in English subs setting. Let's not talk about the subs and talk about what I watch. FYI, I have more than ten series in my collection, including ANTM 12, Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries 2, Nikita, Privileged, and Parenthood to name a few. I finished first four episodes of Vampire Diaries 2 and first five episodes of Nikita, and whole season of Life Unexpected. Currently, I'm watching Parenthood (the series that revolves on the Braverman family), Privileged (Megan Smith becomes the tutor of the rich twins from Palm Springs) and Gilmore Girls (a series known for its witty dialogues and the fast-talking Gilmores). I'm planning to buy Gossip Girl 2, One Tree Hill (any season, as long as it has Lucas Scott in it), Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, and maybe others like Lipstick Jungle season 2 or maybe Supernatural because as you expect, I'm now a TV series otaku. Please take note that I still download episodes from Hellcats, Inazuma Eleven, Make Me A Supermodel, and outside-America NTM shows, remembering that those series don't have DVDs. I'm rooting for foreign NTMs' DVDs, or maybe Inazuma Eleven DVD would be great!

FINAL - New Version of GeneRally!!! (GR 1.11 is out)
Wonder why whenever you visit, you'll see a page. A different page instead of the forum we usually have. You know what that means? It's GR 1.11, biatches! After 7 years since its current version 1.05, GR is back, this time with adding new track objects like the following:

Those are the new objects you can use by NOW!!!

Even everyone, who's made from "Person" object, have their thoughts about this new version.


The new addition of the objects also encouraged me to make a new track. Name have been confirmed, but it's still secret!

Well, before I forgot to tell you about this, I will say that there are also two more office blocks added. The shorter one, and the original one, in shorter form. Finally, I would like to say goodbye and see you again at the next blog! I know there's a lot of stuffs to be written, but let's give the part two which could be started tomorrow, or maybe give another week, but since the school will have its day off due to 12th Grade preparing for the hardest test of their lifetime, maybe you will see another post in 2 to 4 days ahead.


Jumat, 11 Februari 2011


Hi!!! It's me again, and now I'm going to write a random story here because I don't have any craps I want to write. Fall Winter Fashion Week is started already, but I can know that Patricia van der Ever-dominating NTM Queen Vliet will win once again. I just watched ONE episode of Inazuma Eleven 3 anime, and I don't have stuffs to write, except telling you that I'm trying to replicate Sega Rally Championship tracks on Turbo Sliders, and F2 Kit Cars on GeneRally, and also recently I'm making Super SS Turbo Sliders track (but the different kind) and Tsukuba Circuit (Yeah, I love Tsukuba Circuit very much!)

And now, RENDY'S BLOG is proud to present an original writing called "Untitled"!:


Once upon a time in a park, there's a brown-haired guy wearing white T-shirt and jeans named "R" who sits under the tree with his friends, "S", the blonde-haired lady-like young guy, and "X", the brunette-haired short guy. They are talking about something interesting.

"Hey," X called R, "Do you have any idea for tomorrow?"

"Nope," R replied, "I'm out of ideas, and my parents are going to my grandparents' house to stay one night."

"That's sad," S added, "Are you alone?"

"No, I'm with my sister, V, so I'm definitely not alone."

The condition went silent for a moment, until X sounds his suggestion. "Hey! How about you watching Vampire Diaries season 2 DVD at my house! Let's see Elena Gilbert in action," he said, yet no one answers, until R replies.

"I haven't watch Season 1..." he said, "I wanna watch from the very beginning."

"You don't have to, R."

"But I'm afraid of cast changes. I mean, I wanna know the previous season's casts and compare to the next season ones. Sometimes-"

"Characters that you've never seen is fiercer than the ones you've seen," X interrupted. "Is that it?"

"Uh... yes."

"Well, if that's your decision, it's okay, but I don't see any VD characters' changes, so maybe you should do it!"

"Or maybe, I have another suggestion," S interrupted once again.

"What now?"

"Making games! Yeah, you imagined many of them, yet you didn't make one of them!"

"Game making is too hard for me," R replied, "I can't do complex coding."

"Probably RPG Maker VX will do," S smiles at R, "You don't have to learn coding. All there in the online manual."

"Online manual?"

"Yes, search for your own. Btw, I have RPG Maker VX CD, I can borrow you one if you want."

"Ah, thank you!"

R, S, and X then leaves the tree they sit under and proceeds to leave. The conversation continues on the way to their houses.

"So, have you watched the latest episodes of Inazuma Eleven?" X asked to R.

"No," he replied, "Just the episode where the guys are on selection to become Japan's representatives."

"How about Make Me A Supermodel?" S asked.

"Halfway of the episodes."

"Have you tried Pretty Little Liars?"

"Not even once."

"The Walking Dead?"


"Hellcats?" X's turn to ask.

"Just once."


"Episodes one to five. I have the DVD."

"Hmm..." Then S is thinking about something that comes to his mind, and then he thinks about one thing: "Should you play Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 once again. It's been a long time since your retirement, I mean, a long retirement, since you promised that you want to defeat Thirteen Devils, Kingdom Twelve, Emotional King, and to uncover all its secrets!"

"The PS2 machine with CD is currently broken," X responded, "How can he play there if it's still broken? What's more, it's the only PS2 machine which hasn't attached with a harddisk."

"Now I don't know how I waste the time with..." R said.

"Hey! Don't lose your hope! Maybe we can try things that you'd like at your house! How?"

"Hmm... Sounds great."

"Okay! Off to the R's house!!!"

Finally, the three go to R's house and they then try what things that R loves to do when his parents are absent for staying a night at his grandparents' house. What things that they are tried? The things are UP TO YOU!!!


And that's how I keep my short writing is still containable, and how this blog is not dead, but just... The author is so bored that he makes one post in a month. Guess I should fill it up with other stuffs to keep me active, but the school activity deters me.

What the heck, I gotta go! See you at the next blog!


Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

New Year, new stuffs

Hi there! It's been awhile since I didn't have time to update this blog for freakin' months! Today, I wanna start my first 2011 article with...

A boy who travels far away only to taste his Japanese food he would want to eat.

The fact that I was traveled far away just for tasting Tacoyaki (Octopus Balls) and Okonomiyaki (Omelet with so many fillings). Both are two of the Japanese foods I was dying to taste it. I saw both of those on TV, and I realized that I want to try 'em all.

Granted, since I have enough money, I can proceed to there just after I'm done with the basketball extracurricular at school. As soon as I was about to arrive at SMA 1 Depok, the school which held the Japanese bazaar I'm going to, it was raining. I was so drenched, I don't have any other option than rode a BECAAAAK!!!

Finally I managed to get there and bought all those foods for Rp10k and Rp15k respectively, and I come home after that. However, before that, who do you think drives me to did it? The answer is simple: My Japanese teacher. She told me that on 15th January, there will be a bazaar, Japanese bazaar to be exact, where two of many things shown there are those, Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.

Next story: What's wrong with my carrier???

Okay, this annoys me, but it's not so annoying. Why? I couldn't access the option of "Rp100 for each minute, and get free 30mins after 30mins." and instead get the "Rp5/kb tariff" which is... pathetic because I'm kinda "time-based" person. I wouldn't want to tell what the name is but I hope I could use it again (actually it shows the "Rp100 per minute" stuff but actually it's Rp5/kb on the customer service). Looking forward for the solution, my loyal carrier!

Next one: OH ANN WAAAARD!!! (in "OUENDAAAN!!!" tone)

Ohh-Ann-Waaard!!! (the picture is from here)

She surprised everyone with her very small waist, Janice Dickinson scolded the show for showing that "unhealthy" bullcrap or whatever it is. However, in the end, she wins ANTM, and she pulled her HF face which... I can smell that she'll be one of ANTM's successful models and defeat Patricia van der Vliet. Oh wait a minute, she's unbeatable! Even Naruto couldn't hit her with all his jutsu moves...

But I can see the light of Ann going to be successful internationally in modeling industry. How she's not deserved it? Vogue Italia, signed with IMG, Versace interested with her, what else could be wrong? And for Za-Offtopic, Alice Burdeu makes her return to the industry and is ready to rock the next fashion week!

Finally, some cherry toppings for my blog. I don't know when I will post my next blog, whether if it's tomorrow (I can haz school), next week (plobabry), or on hiatus once again, but here it goes:

First, my RTVG fan fiction called World's Next Top Champion 2 is finished. I've thought about the story ideas for future seasons, and I even want to take the next level by re-writing it and post it on, the place for fanfics of million fandoms. I also writing some of the Season 3 episodes, and working on my first fic called "FanFiction Fandom Sports Festival," which is about fandom teams competing in a sports festival like never before!

Second, I've completed Season 2 of Inazuma Eleven. I have to watch the third season, but at the same time, I WANT to watch ANTM 12 and Make Me A Supermodel 1 (since they aren't aired in SE Asia cable channel, and they NEVER WILL!!!) at the same time. But do you think this will deter me as an otaku? No.

Finally, I would like to say "Happy New Year" for all, despite it's been passed for weeks. (And... I wouldn't put tags in this article because I'm so lazy). But btw, before I go, Tijny from Turbo Sliders made his new project called "Race of Champions". Both of his track and the prototype buggy is online, and you can download it there, and Alonsomania from GeneRally made Gran Turismo GR. If you're a fan of GeneRally and Gran Turismo, this game is a pure crossover for you the motor gleeks :)

Last but not least....


Rabu, 03 November 2010

New Stuffs by the R-man

Ohayougozaimasu (Good morning in Japanese)! Without further blah blah blahs, I start this blog with an update of my new Turbo Sliders and GeneRally creations. Let's start with my newly-released Turbo Sliders track entitled "TamiyaRace series".


Race in this small-but-challenging circuit! Fire up your RC cars and GO!!!

Why Tamiya? Well, it's because that corporation which sells hobby toys, mainly Mini 4WDs and RC cars (well, Mini 4WDs are still popular here in Indonesia. If there aren't young kids who are spending their money for their loved 4WD then it wouldn't be known right now). Because I'm bored and wanted to create a new TS track, I decided to make this track. Small but challenging track at a size of 640x480. It also has two another versions: The one with the night mod on (you need to download Jazzy's Nightmod tiles first. Don't worry, you can download it here) and the one with snow tiles. You can get them here (All links are on the game's official site):

- Normal
- Night
- Snow


These creations are still WIP (but there's also my creation which is completed as individual but WIP as a pack, either it is a car or a track).

First off all, cars. Recently I've made Lancer Evolution V...

And Suzuki Cappuccino (or Capcino perhaps? According to Gran Turismo 2's typo)

If you noticed the "Rally de Europe" logo, congratulations! You've figured out that those cars are meant to commemorate a decade of Rally de Europe's release. Even though there might be still a little people playing it, I decided to do this because I love the game and its prequel Rally de Africa. I've played both games since I was an elementary school student, precisely Grade 1.


If you watched Britain's Next Top Model Cycle 1, especially the third episode, there's a song where the girls have to dance to it as a challenge. Until now, no one could name the song. However, it is worth listening.

If you're really curious about what music I'm talking about, here. Download it and listen to it. What do you think?

Any plans to make some TS/MRO/GR/Other stuffs?

Err... Actually I have, but I have to write a new chapter of World's Next Top Champion Season 2. Haven't posted a new episode after almost a month...

Well, I have to go now. Tune in for the next blog post! See you next time!


Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

NEW TRACK! -Re_Gutsdaze- This TS track has guts, yo!!!

Hi! Emperor Slasher is back once more! Next time I should change this blog name instead because I haven't play TXRD2 lately...

So, what are you doing right now?
Just stuck on my fan fiction, watching NTM shows and some serials (DL 'em or watch 'em on cable), et cetera.

What happen to you with GeneRally stuffs? TS stuffs and MRO?
I'm still planning what stuff I should do! Either a car, a track, or miscellanous thing for the game, but I don't have enough passion...

Still watching Inazuma Eleven?
I am! Now I've finished ep 60! I'm about to see Raimon vs. Genesis match and the Dark Emperors...

Do you know Australia's Next Top Model's recent controversy?
Freaking knew it! The host made a horrible blunder mistake! She must had a SUPER pressure! Seriously, no controversy, no AusNTM...

What happened to the F/W girls?
Fall/Winter season? Damn, much worse than last year in terms of quantity. Patricia is still dominating, Polina is the only one who showed up in London, no ANTM girls walking outside NYFW. But I have to tell you in terms of quality, I know that this year, they improved. Look at Meaghan Waller from Canada's NTM 3! She was in Milan! She's much more successful than Rebecca of last season's CNTM (she's my fave on the show)...

Apart from that, Michela, Barbara and Cecile don't return, but Alice was in New Zealand for its own fashion week. Probably she will return in one of four fashion cities in S/S. Hopefully...

How about Ouendan? Have you tried them?
Tried Ouendan 2 on Emulator. I think pure Ouendan experience should be on true NDS, not the emulator. Don't worry, PC has its own Ouendan game called osu! But tapping with mouse is complex though. I've completed all of Tasian's Ouendan Let's Plays :) (which is here and here!).

ANTM Cycle 15... Ah, how you can forget that thing since you're an ANTM fanboy?
Italian Vogue, IMG, ANTM models needs to be successful this time. Early crush-freaks such as my faves who got eliminated... Anamaria, Rhianna and Lexie.


One of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan stages inspired me to make this track. The track has the following features:

- It has 3 tracks: Turf, Dirt, and Steeplechase
- Every track has 2 configurations: Oval and Sprint
- That's it. :D

All you have to do is download this track here!

Well, that's it. It's 5pm in my area right now and I have to go home now... Sorry if this blog post is too short and doesn't have labels. Bye!